Number Games

Love at first sight.

A single rose

depicts utmost devotion

to a single person.

Mutual love and

affection. Depict two

people who are deeply

in love with one another.

I love you. A bouquet

of three roses is

traditionally a one-month

anniversary gift.

I want to be yours

; I miss you.

I’m infatuated with you.

Long lasting love. To

send the message

“We’ll be together


You are perfect. Let

them know that their

love is perfection with

a bouquet of ten roses.

You are my treasured

one; the one I love most

in my life.

A perfect dozen shouts

“Be mine!”

Forever friends. It also

indicates that the

sender is a secret

admirer waiting to be


I’m really sorry, please

forgive me.

My feelings for you are

truly sincere.

I am dedicated to you.

You’re always on my

mind. Can’t stop thinking

about you, 24 hours

every day.

I’m head over heels in

love with you. I belong

to you.

My love for you is


Signify a love that has

ripened well over the

years, and the bond has

never been regretted.

I will love you for as

long as I live.

I am totally devoted to

you. Signify a

harmonious, happy

union between two


You are my one and

only love.

Will you marry me?

I love you every day.

Everlasting and eternal


Never ending love