Flower Language

Colour Meanings

Flower Colour Meaning
red Red The traditional color of love, red excites. It is the color of seduction and desire. They send the clear and powerful message of intense romantic love. Lighter shades of red are more playful and the darker shades speak of a deeper, meaningful love.
Symbolism: Passion, deep love, longing, desire, beauty, confidence vitality, strength, respect, courage.
Romantic message: I love you; I desire you, always.
pink Pink Pink flowers show a lighter side to love. They are uplifting and versatile, appropriate for giving to any loved one, not just as a romantic symbol. Pink flowers are light-hearted and innocent, so they are perfect to lift a loved one’s mood and show how much you care for them.
Symbolism: Sweetness, happiness, joy, youth, playfulness, admiration, gratitude, sensitivity, grace, innocence.
Romantic message: Life with you is fun. I admire you and I’m thankful for you in my life.
yellow Yellow Known for its warm, energetic and sunny appearance, yellow is a seriously happy colour and brightens any space or experience. Yellow flowers also represent friendship and filial love, definitely the best and most versatile colour.
Symbolism: Richness, friendship, joy, new beginnings, intellectual energy, lightheartedness, jealousy, pride.
Romantic message: Things are moving too fast, let’s slow things down. Yellow flower often signals a change.
The exception: A bouquet of yellow 15 roses is the perfect way to express your apologies and to ask for forgiveness.
orange Orange Orange is bold, warm and commands attention. Orange flowers can stir feelings ranging from simply enjoying life to pure, dizzying attraction. They are warm and loving and also light and uplifting. Orange flowers also send the message of adventure and symbolise vibrancy and spontaneity.
Symbolism: Warmth, enthusiasm, energy, vitality confidence, endurance, vivacity, intrigue, desire, satisfaction
Romantic message: I desire you or life is simply extraordinary with you.
blue Blue Blue is the universal color of peace. Blue flowers calm worries and represent peace and symbolise tranquility, trust, and infinite possibilities. Flowers in shades of blue release the spirit and often induce feelings comfort. Blue roses actually signify mystery and also speak of love at first sight.
Symbolism: Peace, serenity, freedom, integrity, devotion, hope, infinity, stability, open mind, truth.
Romantic message: I can be myself with you and I only have eyes for you.
Lavender Lavender Though technically a shade of purple, lavender is in a league all its own. Lavender flowers are a representation of adult or grown-up femininity.
Symbolism: Grace, elegance, refinement, preciousness and delicateness.
purple Purple Often associated with royalty, purple is also the color synonymous with creativity and meditation. Purple flowers can relax as well as awaken feelings of intense euphoria. They have an enchanted, other worldly quality to them. Their soft color gently pulses with mystery, and their ethereal qualities also represent creativity.
Symbolism: Nobility, luxury, integrity, enchantment, charm, grace, individuality, fantasy, elegance, sophistication.
Romantic message: I admire your uniqueness and have profound feelings for you.
green Green Bright healthy green in an arrangement represents harmony with nature and good fortune. To go green is to live a life of balance and enjoyment which leads to resilience and a youthful outlook. Green flowers draw attention to the architectural beauty of flowers.
Symbolism: Health, happiness, sincerity, good fortune, renewal, fertility, faith, neutrality, eternal life, optimism.
Romantic message: My life is rich and harmonious with you.
white White White flowers symbolise purity, innocence and reverence. Commonly used for weddings, the white flower has a deeply powerful significance that translates many cultures. The delicate white blossoms are ideal when you are looking to communicate that wonderful combination of classy, elegance and innocence.
Symbolism: Purity, innocence, honesty, perfection, respect, commitment, reverence, unity, humility, cleanliness.
Romantic message: You are perfection. Our relationship is full of hope, promise and I have the deepest respect for you.
black Black Other than the dried or dyed, natural black flowers are probably slim to none. But, there are some flowers that come close – deep, red-black or deep, purple-black – giving black flowers a less negative connotation in exchange for a more seductively elusive one.
Symbolism: Sophistication, mystery.
Romantic message: Things between us are deliciously still mysterious. I want to keep diving into our full potential.

Number Games

Love at first sight.

A single rose

depicts utmost devotion

to a single person.

Mutual love and

affection. Depict two

people who are deeply

in love with one another.

I love you. A bouquet

of three roses is

traditionally a one-month

anniversary gift.

I want to be yours

; I miss you.

I’m infatuated with you.

Long lasting love. To

send the message

“We’ll be together


You are perfect. Let

them know that their

love is perfection with

a bouquet of ten roses.

You are my treasured

one; the one I love most

in my life.

A perfect dozen shouts

“Be mine!”

Forever friends. It also

indicates that the

sender is a secret

admirer waiting to be


I’m really sorry, please

forgive me.

My feelings for you are

truly sincere.

I am dedicated to you.

You’re always on my

mind. Can’t stop thinking

about you, 24 hours

every day.

I’m head over heels in

love with you. I belong

to you.

My love for you is


Signify a love that has

ripened well over the

years, and the bond has

never been regretted.

I will love you for as

long as I live.

I am totally devoted to

you. Signify a

harmonious, happy

union between two


You are my one and

only love.

Will you marry me?

I love you every day.

Everlasting and eternal


Never ending love